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 If you are looking for a professional, licensed plumbing company to replace your water softener, Dallman Plumbing is an excellent choice.  If your existing softener is between 10-15 years old, and you are having problems, replacing the unit for a new, more efficient model may be more cost effective than scheduling a repair.  

Replacement process

 When your water softener replacement is scheduled, we will show up (and unfortunately, shut off your water!), disconnect your softener and your brine tank. Your floors will be protected and your walls and doors will be watched closely to ensure no damage occurs while your new softener is brought in and when your old softener and brine tank are taken out. We do not rely on short cuts to get to the next job as soon as possible. We do not install water softeners with flexible supplies. Depending on the situation, replacements typically take about 3 hours.   

What is hard water?

Hard water consists of high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water problems shorten plumbing fixture life, appliance life and cause unsightly lime build up in sinks, around faucets and in toilets. Additionally, for many people, hard water makes bathing uncomfortable. 

What do water softeners do?

Water softeners take calcium and magnesium ions out of the water through an exchange process that occurs in the resin bed inside your softener. The salt that you put into your brine tank is absorbed into the resin bed of the softener and mixes with the incoming hard water where the ion exchange process occurs. 

Should I replace my softener?

Is the softener actually softening the water? A simple test strip can help determine this. Mechanically, is the unit using salt? is it using too much? Does it advance through a cycle correctly and at the right time? Is it leaking anywhere? If you are having problems with the softener and it is more than 10 years old, it might make sense to replace it. After this time, the resin in the softener will start to lose ability to host the ion exchange process and will lose efficiency.

Water softener efficiency

Based on the specific level of water hardness in a particular area, softeners can (and should) be set to match the salt usage needed for accurate softening. This is important because chlorides are released into the drainage system during the regeneration process and will eventually up in the environment. Excess chlorides are harmful to vegetation and wildlife and do not degrade. When we install softeners we are sure to set the softener to the specific hardness levels of your city well, or to your area.